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Get, Keep, and Grow Customers

There is a dizzying number of digital and social media tools and platforms available to retailers and brands. While it's definitely not advisable to boil the ocean and deploy everything, ...

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What to look for in a mobile loyalty platform? Simplicity, throughput, data & value.

So you’ve decided to equip your business with a mobile loyalty platform.  A smart move for any business looking for a competitive advantage, increased foot traffic, and the ability to ...

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Our customers are having fun using the Club Ovahi app to get their rewards! In the process, Club Ovahi is seamlessly building our customer database and sends us monthly reports which we can use to analyze in-store traffic, send birthday deals, and run email marketing. Loyalty just got a lot easier!
Billy Dertilis, Owner, Red Rocket Coffee
Club Ovahi has a powerful and visionary team. Their platform is not only great for retailers but can extend to industries like Consumer Goods. Using the Club Ovahi platform, my company gathered consumer data which wasn't available before in an innovative yet affordable method. This in turn allowed us to come up with new ways to market and sell.
Bassem El-Wazir, IT Director, Nuqul Group
The Alejandro's Salon loyalty program has been running for more than a year now on Club Ovahi. We're seeing more and more customers signing up and even increasing their monthly visits which means an improved bottom line. The Club Ovahi app has positively impacted my business, plus the team is amazing to work with!
Alejandro Carbajales, Owner, Alejandro's Salon